intelligent resource – tailored distribution
solutions with brand integrity 


Intelligent resource is utilised across a diverse range of sectors

Our Process


The discussion stage is to understand and analyse:
• your business requirements, brand identity and values
• your existing distribution arrangements and shortfalls
• your customer requirements and parameters
• your product specifications


The planning stage involves:
• an operational meeting
• product and procedure assessment
• a proposal
• team selection


The implementation stage requires:
• on-site training
• a monitored initial phase
• feedback and adjustments to personnel and systems if required
• full roll-out


Support is ongoing, with regular reviews to ensure you continue to have the solution which best meets your business requirements.

Inspired by the growing importance for consistent brand values, cogent is the intelligent resource you can utilise that will ensure your customers experience the levels of service, efficiency and consistency they demand from your brand, from point of delivery to final installation.

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